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The Southwest Collection archives makes accessible to scholars and the general public archival collections of regional, national, and international significance. It is housed within the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library at Texas Tech University.

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Lubbock History Collections

Mexican American and Latino Collections

Severe Weather, Wind, and Meteorology Collections


1970 Lubbock Tornado Photograph Collection Photographs documenting the aftermath of the F-5 tornado that struck Lubbock, TX, on May 11th, 1970. Bulks with photographs from the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal newspaper.

Adolphus Hotel Records, 1910-1970  Microfilmed scrapbooks documenting the operations of the Adolphus Hotel in Dallas, Texas.

Aguero, Bidal, Papers, 1949-1988 and undated   Documenting the business, personal affairs, and other aspects of Aguero's life as a Hispanic businessman, politician, activist, and publisher of "El Editor" in Lubbock, TX.

American Agriculture Movement 231 issues of the “American Agriculture News” (1978-1983) documenting the history of the American Agriculture Movement (AAM). Related scrapbooks from AAM members are also present.

American Civil Liberties Union, Lubbock Chapter, Records, 1963-1994 and undated Paperwork and materials relating to the Lubbock chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union.

Anderson, J. Robert, Landscape Architectural Papers, 1980-2015 and undated Landscape architectural projects by J. Robert Anderson, including Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Research Center (National Wildflower Research Center), The Domain (Austin, TX), Baylor University, and numerous other projects.

Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway Company, Architectural Drawings, 1905-1973 Architectural drawings of depots, office buildings, lodgings, and businesses constructed by or affiliated with the ATSF Railway Company.

Baker, Anne Watts Collection, 1860-1896 and undated The diaries of Samuel P. and Susan E. Newcomb, as well as correspondence, legal material, a scrapbook, and Newcomb and Matthews family (Shackleford County, Texas) genealogical material.

Biggers, Don Hampton, Papers, 1863-1961 and undated. Correspondence between Biggers and political figures and his wife; scrapbooks about his career and interests; and articles/newspaper clippings. Includes publication material for Seymour Connor’s “A Biggers Chronicle.”

Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys, Photograph Collection, 1928-1969 Consists of photographs of Bob Wills in various bands (1928-1937; 1969), and also includes a photograph of Texas Governor, W. Lee O'Daniel.

Boeer/Wolf Families, Papers, 1837-1972 and undated Selected correspondence between members of, and relatives and friends of, the Boeer and Wolf families. Much of the correspondence is in German.

Botsford, E. M. Papers, 1893-1952 and undated

Burns, Rollie Clyde Papers, 1842-1958 and undated Burns was a ranch manager for cattle companies & was active in Lubbock’s founding. Includes correspondence, legal & financial materials, diary, photographs, & literary productions pertaining to his family.

Capps, Arthur V., Papers, 1941-1985 and undated

Carter, Robert G., Papers, 1904-1956 Robert Goldthwaite Carter was a captain in the US Cavalry (Civil War and the Indian Wars). Consists of correspondence between Carter and researchers, manuscript publishers, family, and others.

Confederate Graves Survey Archive of the Texas Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans, 2003-2017 Surveys of cemeteries throughout Texas, and portions of Oklahoma and New Mexico that document interment of Confederate States of America and USA veterans, as well as able-bodied men.

Cree, Charles M. and James E., Papers, 1885-1950 and undated James E. Cree founded the Angus VV Ranch in the 1880s in Lincoln County, New Mexico. Contains correspondence, cattle brand identification, stock counts, and reports concerning cattle rustling.

de Bona, Leonard, Papers, 1887-1903 and undated Leonard de Bona operated Eagle Pass Hardware and Supply Store in Eagle Pass, Texas, from 1887-1903. Contains correspondence relating to its operations.

DeLoach, William G., Papers, 1911-1964 William G. DeLoach (1880-1967) was a farmer in Crosby County and Lamb County, Texas. Contains twelve daily diaries written by DeLoach between the years 1911-1964.

Dickeson, Tessie Frank, Papers, 1905-1918 and undated Glass negatives of photographs of people taken in Marshall, Texas, and Shreveport, Louisiana, in the early 1900’s, primarily from 1905 to 1918.

Double U Company, Collection, 1905-1978 and undated The Double U Company was a land colonization business chartered (1907) by Charles William Post (1854-1914). Contains maps, surveys, and architectural drawings, mostly concerning Garza and Lynn Counties.

Eagle Pass Army Camp, Photograph Collection, 1881-1918 Includes photographs of individuals; groups of people; and tents within Eagle Pass Army Camp, ten miles north of Eagle Pass in Maverick County, Texas before and during the Mexican Revolutions of 1910-1920.

El Capote Ranch Records, 1830-1917 and undated Capote Ranch, located 45 miles northeast of San Antonio, in Gonzales County. Contains probate records (1840-1847), abstracts (1845-1917), correspondence, financial records, diaries, and maps.

Fujita, Dr. Tetsuya Theodore "Ted", Papers, 1875-2003 and undated Tetsuya Theodore Fujita (1920-1998) researched severe storms and was the creator of the F-scale for measuring tornadic intensity. Digitized materials include SMRP and similar research reports and material.

Hampton, Howard, Papers, 1659-1957 and undated John Howard Hampton was a rancher near Clarksville and Slaton, Texas, and Tucumcari, New Mexico. Includes genealogical correspondence, land deeds, inventories, newspaper articles, photographs, and family letters.

Harris, D. W., Papers, 1889-1915 Ledger of ranch expenses belonging to D. W. Harris of Lynn County, Texas.

Hart, Julia Duggan, Papers, 1837-1970 and undated Hart lived in Stamford and Abilene, Texas, and was active in organizations like Gold Star Mothers. The collection documents her life, with a focus on her son’s (Vernon) service in WWI.

Hickey, Thomas A., Papers, 1896-1996 and undated Hickey, an Irish immigrant and vocal activist within the Socialist Labor party and the Knights of Labor, published newspapers and newsletters. Materials document his life and these efforts.

Jennings Tent Show Company, Photograph Collection, 1910-1920 Consists of photographs of the Jennings Tent Show Company and entertainers (1910-1920). Thomas Jennings formed the Jennings Dramatic Company in 1920 and toured California and the Midwest.

Knapp, Seaman Asahel, Papers, 1856-1931 and undated Knapp, a professor of agriculture at several institutions, was involved in agriculture administration and organizations at the national level. Materials document this work, and bulks with correspondence with prominent individuals.

Lamb, Arch Green and Mina Wolf, Papers, 1832-2002 and undated The Lambs were prominent Lubbock agriculturalists and community supporters. Mina was a professor of food and nutrition at Texas Tech. Materials document their early life, including international family correspondence.

League of Women Voters of Texas Records, 1916-1997 and undated A non-partisan organization, the League promotes political responsibility through informed participation of all citizens in their government. Materials include national, state, and local records of activities from 1919 to present.

Lisle, Ola Mae, Scrapbooks, 1880-1983 and undated Two scrapbooks documenting Rule, Texas (Haskell County), and the Lisle family and their cotton gin.

Locke, Jesse Quinton (J. Q.), Papers, 1706-2014 Locke was a cotton farmer in Palo Pinto, Mineral Wells, and possibly other Texas regions. Materials include account books, as well as personal diaries and journals.

Lovejoy, Elijah Parish, Papers, 1804-1891 and undated Lovejoy was a preacher, abolitionist, and editor of the “Observer” newspaper, which was destroyed by mobs in the 1830s. Collection documents Lovejoy and his family’s history, primarily correspondence.

Maner, W. H. Papers, 1836-1877 W. H. Maner lived in Texas during the years 1836-1877. The Papers contains a ledger book from 1877 documenting his life.

Matador Land and Cattle Company Records, 1874-1960 Established in 1879, the ranch covers portions of several Texas counties. Materials consist of financial and day-to-day operational documents, as well as correspondence.

McKay, Alexander, Papers, 1885-1923 Mackay, a ranch manager, was Secretary, Director, and Board Chairman for the Matador Land and Cattle Company. Contains a typed diary of his 1923-1924 world tour and 1885 US travels.

McLendon, Gordon Barton, Papers, 1917-1978 McLendon was a radio owner and producer, recreating famous events for broadcast, and helping invent Top 40 radio. Digitized materials consist of decades of policy books.

Mexican Border War Records, July 1916 to October 1916 “Mexican Border War” refers to military engagements along the U.S./Mexico border during the Mexican Revolution (1910-1920). Consists of correspondence to and from Eugene Tower of El Paso in 1916.

Mooar, John Wesley, Papers, 1871-1917 and undated Mooar, a late nineteenth century buffalo trader, was a rancher in Scurry County, Texas. Materials are primarily financial materials, with a small amount of personal and family correspondence.

Myres Saddle Company, Papers, 1898-1969 and undated Founded by Samuel Dale Myres, the El Paso based Company created saddles for western actors and similar individuals. Materials include business documents, principally advertisements and catalogs.

Narvaiz, Robert Papers, 1998-2013 and undated Narvaiz of Lubbock, Texas, was a Marine Corps veteran, and supported Lubbock’s Mexican American community and its civic events. Materials document “Pancho Clos” and the Lubbock American GI Forum chapter.

National Wind Institute Research Library

Nicolett Hotel Records, 1889-1893 The Nicolett Hotel, constructed in 1888 and 1889, was one of the earliest structures in Lubbock, Texas. Collection consists of a register containing patron entries from 1889 to 1893.

Nolan, Jack, Photograph Collection, 1915-1935 Consists of photographs of the Texas oil industry and early boom towns (1920-1935).

Overton, Marvin Cartmell (M. C.) Overton and Nan Jennings Papers, 1915-1942 and undated Overton practiced medicine in Lubbock from 1901-1955. Jennings was his wife. Consists principally of correspondence between the two and other material.

Peavy, Sterling Alexander, Photograph Collection, 1940s-1950s Consists of photographs depicting railroad track construction, trains, train accidents, bridges and tunnels.

Pitchfork Land and Cattle Company, Photograph Collection, 1980 and undated This collection consists of images of a cattle herd, a modern roundup, a wagon train, cowboys, portraits of D. Burns as well as images of the Pitchfork Ranch and its hands in 1980.

Pogue, Alan, Photograph Collection, 1885-1985 Bulks with images primarily of Mexican-American farm workers marching for better conditions in Texas. Bulks with Fort Stockton images, and images of migrant farmworkers and their children loading vehicles, standing in a parking lot, and registering in the office of the Guadalupe Neighborhood Association, Lubbock, Texas.

Ridgway, Dr. Richard L., Papers, 1856-2015 and undated Ridgway, professor of agriculture at Texas A&M University, held national leadership positions in related organizations. Materials document his career and research, as well as operations of the Charles Valentine Riley Memorial Foundation.

Rylander, Dorothy, Photograph Collection, 1880-1966 Consists of photographs of people and places in early Lubbock, Texas (1880-1966), including photos of the Quaker settlement at Estacado, a cowboy "stag" dance, and the 1972 ground breaking ceremony for the Mahon library.

Sanner, Harvey Joe, Papers, 1978-2017 and undated Sanner is a farmer and American Agriculture Movement (AAM) activist since the 1970s. Materials are 2 scrapbooks documenting Sanner’s involvement with the AAM.

Sharps Rifle Company Records, 1874-1884, and undated The Sharps Rifle Company, founded in 1851 by Christian Sharps, was originally the Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company. Materials consist of letters written to Sharps from Texans requesting firearms and parts.

Slaughter Land and Cattle Company Records, 1909-1916 and undated Established by C. C. Slaughter in 1873. Consists of correspondence, financial records, minutes, and legal documents from 1909-1916.

Slaughter, Allie D. (Alice Donohoo), Papers, 1891-1947 and undated Daugher-in-law of C. C. Slaughter, founder of Slaughter Land and Cattle Company. Concerns Slaughter estate matters, including children’s inheritance, correspondence, and scrapbook material, news clippings, and memorabilia.

Slaughter, C. C. (Christopher Columbus), Papers, 1877-1953 and undated C. C. Slaughter established a ranch in 1857 and founded the Slaughter Ranch and Cattle Company in 1873. Contains correspondence, financial and legal material, photographs, and printed.

Slaughter, George Morgan, Papers, 1897-1959 and undated George Morgan Slaughter was the eldest son of C. C. Slaughter, founder of Slaughter Land and Cattle Company. Contains correspondence, news clippings, genealogical data, poetry, and essays.

Slaughter, Luther, Papers, 1925-1954 and undated Luther Slaughter resided in Saint Jo in Montague County, Texas. Contains correspondence of Luther Slaughter from Saint Jo, Texas, as well as financial materials and bank statements.

Slaughter, R. L., Papers, 1921-1960 and undated R. L. (Robert Lee) Slaughter was the grandson of C. C. Slaughter, founder of Slaughter Land and Cattle Company. Contains correspondence, financial material, maps, and photographs.

Southwest Collection Ephemera Unique items from the holdings of the Southwest Collection.

Southwest Conference Meeting Minutes (from the Southwest Conference Records, 1914-1996 and undated) Selected meeting minutes from the former Southwest Conference, a collegiate athletic conference that existed from 1914 to 1996.

Southwest Conference Statistic Cards (1974-1978) Two-sided cards with statistics for Southwest Conference, a collegiate athletic conference that existed from 1914 to 1996. Items cover the years 1974-1978.

Stevenson, Governor Coke R. and Marguerite King Heap, Papers, 1833-2013 and undated Coke Robert Stevenson was 35th Governor of Texas from 1941-1947. Digitized items include daybooks and legislative documents.

Stock Raisers Association of Northwestern Texas Records, 1877-1925 Stock Raisers Association of Northwestern Texas (later Cattle Raisers Association of Texas and Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association) was founded in 1877. Contains a typescript of a minute book documenting the organization's activities.

Suppe, Gertrude C., Hispanic Church Music Collection, 1878-2003 and undated Suppe was an ethno-hymnologist who identified, transcribed, translated, and promoted liturgical use of Hispanic hymns. Collection contains cancioneros of vernacular Hispanic church music in Spanish, Portugese, Catalan, and English.

Swonke, Sarah "Sarita Urías" Papers, 1948-1949

Temple Houston Morrow: Sam Houston Family Papers, 1836-1969 and undated Temple Houston Morrow, president of Traders and General Insurance Company of Dallas, Texas, was a grandson of Samuel Houston. Items document the life of the Sam Houston family through letters, receipts, and correspondence.

Texas and Pacific Coal Company Records, 1887-1969 and undated Formed by Robert Dickie Hunter in 1888 in Erath County, Texas, along with the company town of Thurber, named for Hunter’s business partner H. K. Thurber. Digitized collection contains correspondence.

Texas Crime Investigating Committee Records, 1950-1953 and undated Formed by the Texas House of Representatives to investigate organized crime activities including bootlegging and bribery in Texas. Contains correspondence, legal documents, testimonies, reports, and photographs.

Texas National Guard Records, 1900-1964 General files, medical records and notes of Dr. G. Schilling, & records of the 36th Division and the Division’s Association. Also includes correspondence, financial records, records of Commander Carl L. Phinney, and scrapbook materials.

Tweed Family Papers, 1836-1932 and undated Mrs. Richard Tweed was sister-in-law of William Marcy ("Boss") Tweed. Contains correspondence between Tweed and her family and friends; diaries; essays and poetry; newspaper clippings; financial and legal material; & photographs.

Underwood, Charles, Papers, 1935-2006 and undated Charles Underwood, U.S. Army 1941-1972, commanded infantry and armored infantry. POW for the Japanese Imperial Army from 1942-1945, survived the Bataan Death March. Contains slides, photographs, letters, military documents, and other personal documents.

United Confederate (Civil War) Veterans Records, 1863-1967 and undated Contains correspondence, minutes, periodicals, and books of the Robert E. Lee Camp No. 158 of the UCV (Fort Worth, TX.), most relating to reunions (1890s through 1920s) and written accounts of wartime service.

United Daughters of the Confederacy, Bernard E. Bee Chapter, 1908-1930 United Daughters of the Confederacy Bernard E. Bee chapter was located in San Antonio, Texas. Contains lists of members, coding keys, treasurer's reports, and proceedings of meetings.

Vinograd, Dr. Sherman P., Aerospace Exploration Papers, 1957-2010 and undated Dr. Sherman P. Vinograd was Chief of Medical Science and Technology and Director of Biomedical Research NASA (1961-1979). Contains artifacts, correspondence, financial materials, newspapers, photographs, printed materials, and reports.

Weather, Photograph Collection, 1935-1980 Consists of photographs of tornadoes and dust storms in West Texas (1935-1980). Included are prints of the damage sustained from the Lubbock tornado (1970) and the Black Sunday dust storm in the Texas Panhandle (1935).

Wilkerson, John and Ruth, 1859-2014 and undated

Wiswall, Austin, Papers, 1863-1912 Austin Wiswall (1840-1905) was nephew of abolitionist publisher Elijah Parish Lovejoy. Was Lt. in 9th United States Colored Troops during the Civil War. Contains correspondence, a diary, and information about 9th United States Colored Troops.


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