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  • Jane Ann Wilson oral history interview 

    Stroman, Elissa; Wilson, Jane Ann (2017-11-16)
    This interview features Jane Ann Wilson who discusses her love of and interest in music. Wilson recounts what got her interested in the piano and cello, attending college as a performance major, and teaching music at the ...
  • Elvin Wilson oral history interview 

    Wilkinson, Andy; Wilson, Elvin (2015-08-25)
    This interview features Elvin Wilson. Wilson discusses his life as a farmer in West Texas and his involvement in the National Famers Organization and the American Agriculture Movement. Wilson also recounts his experience ...
  • Randy Willingham oral history interview 

    Sanchez, Daniel; Willingham, Randy (2018-09-07)
    This interview features Randy Willingham as he discusses his interest and involvement with drag racing. In this interview, Randy describes how he got involved with racing cars and the new drag racing hall of fame in Amarillo.
  • Gaylon White oral history interview 

    Iber, Jorge; White, Gaylon (2015-06-11)
    This interview features sportswriter Gaylon White. White talks about how he developed his interest in sports and the trajectory of his career as a writer. White discusses working for several newspapers and his different ...
  • Alice Virginia White oral history interview 

    Wilkinson, Andy; White, Alice Virginia (2014-04-10)
    This interview features Alice Virginia White, former Director of Public Relations at Texas Tech University. Alice discusses the various jobs she has had over the years, and how she ended up on her particular career path. ...

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