Promotional Poster for the September 15-16, 1948, Fiestas in Ft. Stockton, Texas



Sarah “Doña Sarita Urías” Lucia Swonke was born in Fort Stockton, Texas, on September 24, 1930, to Carlos and Lucia Urías. She graduated from Ft. Stockton High School. She attended nursing school in San Marcos, Texas, and Galveston, Texas, and she worked as a nurse for over 40 years. She played the piano and sung for various Catholic Churches for her entire life. Mrs. Swonke was a resident of Tomball, Texas, since 1958. She was active in the community and known for her readiness to help those in need. Mrs. Swonke passed away on May 19, 2023. Sarah Swonke was a co-organizer of Ft. Stockton community celebrations in the late 1940s that honored Mexican Independence Day. These festivals celebrated Mexican-American culture with mariachi performances, the dancing of Las Marchas and La Raspa, as well as the singing of songs like “la Paloma” and “Soy Puro Mexicano.” Mrs. Swonke was also a performer during these celebrations, playing the piano and singing.
The Sarah “Doña Sarita Urías” Swonke Papers consist of two posters. The posters advertised the Fiestas Patrias that took place in Ft. Stockton, Texas, during the late 1940s. The posters contain detailed programs for the festivals, names of organizers, and rationales for the festivals. Mrs. Swonke dontated the posters during the 2022 Barrio Fest in Ft. Stockton, Texas. The Barrio Fest organizers viewed the 2022 festival as a continuation of the festivals that took place in Ft. Stockton during the 1940s.



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