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The Kerrville Kronikle, is a British salute to the famous Kerrville Folk Festival, documenting the important years from 1988 to 2004. See link below for a full run of the digital collection.

Arthur Wood Digital Holdings

Arthur Wood Papers, featuring The Kerrville Kronikle

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The brainchild of the Scottish music critic Arthur Wood, the The Kerrville Kronikle, provides an intimate look at the Texas Hill Country’s annual Kerrville Folk Festival, for which the SWC/SCL Crossroads of Music is the official archive. Billed originally as “a transatlantic tribute,” Wood’s publication ranges from serious music history to tantalizing gossip to madcap humor, all reflecting the spirit of the events mounted at Quiet Valley Ranch and the diverse international community of performers and fans that populates it. The full run of 32 issues is now online for the first time and fully searchable as part of the Arthur Wood Papers (linked above).

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