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    James White oral history interview 2018-11-01
    This interview features James White as he discusses his career in the architecture field. White describes how he got his start in architecture, as well as his tenure as a professor in the College of Architecture at Texas Tech University.
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    Rob Weiner oral history interview 2018-11-16
    This interview features Rob Weiner as he discusses his love for the band The Grateful Dead, and the Lubbock music and art scene.
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    Rob Weiner oral history interview 2018-10-12
    This interview features Rob Weiner as he discusses his path to an academic career at the Texas Tech Library. In this interview, Rob describes his interest in working for a library and then delves deeper to explain how he became a teacher in the honors college and some of his classes.
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    Idris Traylor oral history interview 2008-11-13
    This interview features Idris Traylor as he discuss his background and what he has experienced while working at Texas Tech University, including directing the International Center for Arid and Semi-Arid Land Studies (ICASALS).
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    Ronald Sosebee oral history interview 2016-08-01
    This interview features Ron Sosebee as he discusses the Range and Wildlife Management college at Texas Tech University. Sosebee clarifies what propelled him towards Texas Tech, the college’s history, and the future of the Range and Wildlife Management college.
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    Ronald Sosebee oral history interview 2012-06-12
    This interview features Ronald Sosebee as he discusses his career at Texas Tech in the Range and Wildlife Management Department. Sosebee describes how he came to Texas Tech and a few of the large projects that he has worked on.
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    Henry Shine oral history interview 2019-01-31
    This interview features Dr. Henry Shine as he discusses his memories of Texas Tech. In this interview, Shine delves into the intricacies of the chemistry department and recalls other professors.
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    Henry Shine oral history interview 2018-11-09
    This interview features Dr. Henry Shine as he discusses his life and background. In this interview, Shine explains how he got started in chemistry and how he got into college, and then moves through getting a job at Tech and working at Tech.
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    Henry Shine oral history interview 2012-04-09
    This interview features Henry Shine, a Horn Professor Emeritus at Texas Tech University. In this interview, Henry discusses his Jewish Heritage in England and Lubbock, and his interest and career in chemistry.
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    David Schmidly oral history interview 2016-03-29
    This interview features Dr. David Schmidly, former President of Texas Tech University. Schmidly discusses his family’s German heritage, attending Texas Tech, and developing an interest in biology. Schmidly also talks about attending the University of Illinois to obtain his doctorate and his career as a field biologist.
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    Catherine Royalty oral history interview 2019-02-23
    This interview features Catherine Royalty as she discusses growing up in Lubbock Texas and attending Texas Tech. In this interview, Royalty describes early Lubbock and Texas Tech, and also delves into her time in the service during World War II.
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    Gerald "Corky" Oglesby oral history interview 2017-07-31
    In this interview, Corky Oglesby gives a deeper perspective into his life and the time he spent working at Texas Tech. He describes the recruitment process, the relays he took his students to, and the different coaches that he has worked with and befriended over the years.
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    David Murrah oral history interview 2020-01-29
    This interview features David Murrah as he discusses his involvement with the oral histories that document the Lubbock Tornado, as well as his own memories of the tornado. In this interview, Murrah describes how he got started at the Southwest Collection and his career in the facility. Dr. Murrah also explains his oral history philosophy and the structure of the Southwest Collection during his time there.
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    Roy Middleton oral history interview 2019-03-27
    This interview features Roy Middleton as he discusses his family’s connection to Texas Tech University. In this interview, Middleton explains his father’s job with the Texas Tech dairy barn and what it was like growing up on a farm. He then moves on to discuss many influential Texas Tech people such as Spike Dykes, Kent Hance, John Montford, Robert Duncan, and Arch Lamb.
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    Clara McPherson oral history interview 2015-11-17
    This interview features Clara McPherson. McPherson discusses growing up in Roscoe and attending Texas Tech. McPherson majored in home economics and returned to Texas Tech to teach in the department. McPherson discusses her career as a professor and the changes in the home economics department over the years.
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    Meredith McClain oral history interview 2016-04-12
    This interview features retired Texas Tech German professor Dr. Meredith McClain. McClain discusses her family background, growing up in Georgetown, Texas, and her time studying German and flute. McClain talks about traveling abroad, getting her doctorate at the University of Texas, and coming to Texas Tech as a professor.
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    Wendell Mayes oral history interview 2012-11-29
    This interview features Wendell Mayes, a former Texas Tech University Board of Regents member, talks about his experiences in the Navy, with higher education, and on the Board of Regents.
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    Jobi Martinez oral history interview 2018-04-27
    This interview features Jobi Martinez as she discusses her previous jobs at Texas Tech. In this interview, she describes her family, going to and working for a university, and being an advocate for diversity on college campuses.
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    Rick and Diane Malone oral history interview 2015-12-02
    This interview features Rick and Diane Malone. The Malones talk about their time together at Texas Tech in the theater department. They discuss the trajectory of their careers and reflect on the people they met over the course of their lifetime in the theater business.
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    Glenna Keesee oral history interview 2019-01-11
    This interview features Glenna Keesee as she discusses Dr. Wilbur I. Robinson and her time spent at Texas Tech.