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The Southwest Collection/Special Collection Library’s Sports History Initiative aims to collect, preserve, and make available athletic history. Oral histories are an important component in the archives efforts to document sports. The individuals interviewed as part of this series provide information on the role athletics plays on and off the fields.


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    Burle Pettit oral history interview 2018-03-07
    This interview features Burle Pettit as he discusses reporting on various sporting events. In this interview, Burle reflects on his career as a sports reporter and describes the people he got to meet and became friends with while reporting.
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    Burle Pettit oral history interview 2015-06-09
    This interview features sports writer Burle Pettit. Pettit talks about his career in journalism and the way the field of sports writing has changed. Pettit discusses his experiences with different coaches and players at Texas Tech and notes some of the highlights of his career.
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    Wes Kittley oral history interview 2012-08-21
    This interview features Wes Kittley as he describes his career as a track coach for Abilene Christian University, and Texas Tech University. In this interview, Kittley discusses how he got interested in track, being a walk on at Abilene Christian University, and then how he became a track coach at the same University and later moving to Texas Tech.
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    Louis Kelley oral history interview 2015-09-14
    This interview features Louis Kelley as he recounts his career as a football coach at Dunbar and Estacado. In this interview, Louis describes his start in football, playing football in college, and his career as a football coach.
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    Michael Roberts Greer and Marti Greer oral history interview 2009-01-14
    This interview features Michael and Marti Greer as they discuss the Buffalo Springs Triathlon. In this interview, Michael and Marti describe how each one of the got into Triathlon races, and how they plan and implement the Buffalo Springs Triathlon race.
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    Brooks Cowan oral history interview 2009-04-17
    Brooks Cowan talks about his early athletic experiences and his initial interest in triathlons. He speaks about the training requirements, the hardships and the joy of participating in a triathlon. Note: Cowan took a few minutes from his preparations for the National Collegiate Triathlon Championships at Buffalo Springs, Texas for this interview.
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    Sammy Baugh oral history interview 1998-08-16
    This interview features former Texas Tech football player Sammy Baugh. Baugh recounts his career as a football player at both the collegiate and the pro level. Baugh discusses playing technique, training, injuries, and notable games.
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    Lyndel Warren oral history interview 2018-09-06
    This interview features Lyndel Warren as he discusses drag racing and building cars. Warren reminisces about going to races, his cars, and his drag racing friends. At the end, he describes some new amendments to automobile laws that he is against.
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    Jackie Mize oral history interview 2018-09-15
    This interview features Jackie Mize as he discusses Drag racing. In this interview, Mize describes how he got involved with drag racing and building up his motor shop.
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    Andy Mears oral history interview 2019-02-05
    This interview features Andy Mears as he discusses drag racing. In this interview, Mears describes his passion for drag racing and delves into details about his car dealership business.
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    Jim McGinnis oral history interview 2017-07-13
    This interview features Jim McGinnis, a former drag racer as he discusses his drag racing days. McGinnis describes his interest in the competitive sport and his cars that he built to compete with.
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    Jim McGinnis oral history interview 2017-06-29
    This interview features Jim McGinnis a drag racer located in Amarillo, Texas. In this interview, McGinnis discusses his interest in drag racing, participating in the nationals, and how he made his way to Amarillo.
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    Dennis Glass oral history interview 2018-09-07
    This interview features Dennis Glass as he discusses his past in drag racing and working with cars. In this interview, Glass describes his start to drag racing, starting his own business, and being a board member of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
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    James Gipson oral history interview 2017-08-24
    This interview features James Gipson as he discusses his interest in motorsports. In this interview, Gipson describes his involvement with drag racing, the people he met through racing, and the Amarillo Motorsports Hall of Fame.
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    Herb Edwards oral history interview 2017-06-13
    This interview features Herb Edwards a former drag racer. In this interview Edwards discusses his career in the mechanical engineering field, and his hobby of drag racing. Edwards describes some of his mechanical projects as well as meeting some of the professional drag racers.
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    Marvin Clarke oral history interview 2017-09-21
    This interview features Marvin Clarke as he discusses his involvement in drag racing. In this interview, Clarke describes the drag racing events that he has attended over the years, the people that he’s met, and working with cars.
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    Marvin Clarke oral history interview 2017-08-31
    This interview features Marvin Clarke as he discusses his interest in drag racing. In the interview, Clarke describes the cars he built and modified for drag racing.
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    Dennis Barnard oral history interview 2017-07-18
    This interview features Dennis Barnard as he discusses drag racing in Lubbock and the West Texas area. Barnard describes how he got interested in racing, how he initially came to Lubbock, and the Lubbock Dragway.
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    Randy Willingham oral history interview
    This interview features Randy Willingham as he discusses his interest and involvement with drag racing. In this interview, Randy describes how he got involved with racing cars and the new drag racing hall of fame in Amarillo.
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    Gaylon White oral history interview
    This interview features sportswriter Gaylon White. White talks about how he developed his interest in sports and the trajectory of his career as a writer. White discusses working for several newspapers and his different book projects. White also talks about issues within baseball and how the game has changed over the years, including how baseball became integrated and the role of West Texas in the integration process.