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In addition to interviews pertaining to the National Wind Institute, oral histories have been conducted with various individuals whose lives have been impacted by wind engineering in the Southwest. For example, interviewers have spoken with farmers and ranchers who witnessed the rise of wind turbines on their properties and adjacent lands, employees of electrical co-ops, and engineers who helped logistically create the large wind farms.


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    Peterson, Richard 2013-07-31
    This interview features Richard Peterson, who discusses his background in astronomy and eventual studies in meteorology. He explains his work at Texas Tech, as well as his research done in conjunction with the engineering program and the Institute for Disaster Research that became the National Wind Institute.
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    Mehta, Kishor 2014-01-20
    This interview features Kishor Mehta, who discusses how Texas Tech University's reaction to the Lubbock Tornado of 1970 developed into the National Wind Institute.
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    McDonald, James 2013-10-17
    This interview features Texas Tech engineering professor, James McDonald. McDonald discusses his career at Texas Tech in the Department of Engineering and his research on structural damage from natural disasters. Furthermore, McDonald worked as a consultant for storm damage and was instrumental in reworking the Fujita scale. McDonald, along with Kishor Mehta, established the McDonald-Mehta Lecture Series.
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    Kiesling, Ernst 2013-10-17
    This interview features Texas Tech engineering professor, Ernst Kiesling. Kiesling discusses growing up in West Texas and attending Texas Tech to study engineering. After developing an interest in teaching, Kiesling attended Michigan State University to pursue graduate studies before returning to Texas Tech for his academic career. Kiesling has been heavily involved in research related to above-ground storm shelters and details his involvement with such projects in the interview. Kiesling also discusses effective leadership and how teamwork was instrumental in his department’s success.
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    Pete Laney and Bobby Gierisch oral history 2011-03-30
    Pete Laney and Bobby Gierisch discuss the deregulation of the Texas electric utility industry. They delve into the CREZ lines, examining complications with transmission, impacts on the consumer, and those who originally supported the lines. They also talk about the complications with energy storage and impacts of wind power on rural communities.
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    Andy Swift oral history interview 2014-11-14
    This interview features Andy Swift, professor of civil and environmental engineering and director of the Texas Wind Energy Institute, discussing the history, current state, and possible future of the wind power industry.
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    Andy Swift oral history interview 2013-12-18
    This interview features Andy Swift. Swift discusses his time working with Wind Energy around the state of Texas. He discusses the history behind wind research, where it is today, and where the future is headed. He also discusses his time at Texas Tech developing programs for Wind Research.
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    Ken Starcher oral history interview
    This interview features Ken Starcher. Starcher discusses his work with wind energy and the Alternative Energy Institute. Starcher talks about working with industries, manufacturers, and federal programs on alternative energy endeavors. Starcher also discusses the technical elements of wind energy and gives a brief overview of the materials he is donating to the Southwest Collection.
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    Carol Ann Stanley oral history interview
    This interview features Carol Ann Stanley, a former employee in the wind sciences department at Texas Tech University. Stanley discusses the collaborative nature of the department, her experiences working with students, and showing the Reese Center to international visitors.
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    Joe Golden oral history interview
    Joe Golden discusses his interest and research in the field of meteorology. Joe describes his work with waterspouts in the Florida Keys and his work on the tornado intercept project.
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    R. Nolan Clark oral history interview
    This interview features R. Nolan Clark, wind energy pioneer and laboratory director of the Bushland USDA Conservation and Production Research Laboratory, who discusses the past, present, and possible future of wind research and the wind power industry.
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    David Miller oral history interview
    This interview features David Miller. Miller discusses his work with Texas Tech and NIRE. Miller also describes his views on innovation in the industry of Wind Energy.
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    Mark Harral oral history interview
    This interview highlights Harral's work with renewable energy in the form of wind power.