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The Lubbock History Series interviews document general life histories and other topical stories that chronicle the history of Lubbock.


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    Betty Wheeler oral history interview 2017-12-12
    This interview features Betty Wheeler as she discusses segregation, integration, diversity, and her professional career. In this interview, she recounts her desire to see integration and diversity at a young age. She also explains how it was imperative to her to have diversity in the YWCA.
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    Betty Wheeler oral history interview 2017-11-21
    This interview features Betty Wheeler as she recounts her childhood growing up in North Carolina and then in Lubbock Texas. In this interview, she describes what it was like growing up on a farm, the day Pearl Harbor was bombed, and then her college experience at Texas Tech University.
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    Mikel Ward oral history interview 2015-11-12
    This interview features Mikel Ward. Ward discusses her interest in politics, community involvement, and her interest in informing the public about issues related to Lubbock’s storm water fees and property taxes. Ward also talks about other aspects of economic development in Lubbock.
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    Mikel Ward oral history interview 2015-03-12
    This interview features Mikel Ward, who discusses her early life and education in Lubbock, her life as a small business owner, and her experiences as a political activist in West Texas.
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    Charles and Sherrill Skibell oral history interview 2012-06-14
    This interview features Charles and Sherrill Skibell as they discuss their Jewish faith and living in Lubbock. In the interview, the Skibells describe growing up Jewish in small Jewish communities and then what it was like to go to University of Texas where they was a large Jewish population. They then proceed to explain the events that the Jewish community in Lubbock held, and the congregation. They close be recounting their encounters with antisemitism.
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    Sellie Shine oral history interview 2012-06-07
    This interview features Sellie Shine as she discusses her faith, work, and involvement with the Lubbock community. In this interview, Shine describes what brought her to Lubbock, joining the Congregation of Shaareth Israel, and how she got involved in the community and created change in Lubbock.
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    Lisa Sasser oral history interview 2015-12-16
    This interview features Lisa Sasser. Sasser discusses growing up in Lubbock, her interest in art, and attending Texas Tech. Sasser talks about her career in historical preservation and how she has combined her interests in art and architecture.
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    Floyd Price oral history interview 2012-10-30
    This interview features Floyd Price, a current councilman in the Lubbock City council. In this interview Price discusses what it felt like entering the political arena, redistricting, city revitalization, and how to get young people involved in politics.
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    Malcolm Neyland oral history interview 2016-05-14
    This interview features Father Malcolm Neyland. Neyland discusses his friendship and travels with Giles McCrary of Post, Texas. Neyland also discusses his role in bringing the artwork of the Vatican to Lubbock, Texas.
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    Malcolm Neyland oral history interview 2016-04-27
    This interview features Father Malcom Neyland. Father Neyland discusses growing up in Lubbock and his early desire to become a priest and his goals to help people in the West Texas area. Father Neyland also discusses his involvement in the judicial processes within the church.
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    Pete Navarrette oral history interview 2015-07-14
    This interview features Pete Navarrette. In this interview, Navarrette discusses his early life and family, the steps he took that led him to become a barber, and the local history of Lubbock, Texas.
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    Glynn Morgan oral history interview 2015-11-18
    This interview features Glynn Morgan. Morgan discusses growing up in Colorado City, Texas, farming, and later moving to Lubbock to attend Texas Tech University. Morgan also talks about his work as a mechanic and owning his own service station.
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    Vernita Woods-Holmes oral history interview 2017-11-20
    This interview features Vernita Woods-Holmes as she describes her life that she has dedicated to teaching. In this interview, Vernita recounts the segregation she experience in Lubbock, the integration of schools, and her career as a teacher and later, as a principal.
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    Don Harris oral history interview 2008-06-29
    This interview features Don Harris as he discusses his career with the real estate business and describes the Lubbock real estate climate.
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    Anne Epstein oral history interview 2012-06-22
    This interview features Anne Epstein, who discusses being Jewish in Lubbock. Epstein explains what it was like growing up Jewish in Austin, moving to and being Jewish in Lubbock, raising a Jewish child in Lubbock, and the challenges she’s had to face as a result.
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    Jerome Britto oral history interview 2012-08-28
    This interview features Jerome Brito as he discusses his life and background growing up in Lubbock Texas. In this interview, Jerome describes what it was like growing up and going to school in Lubbock. He then moves on to explain his previous business venture and his current business. Jerome also details the racism that he has seen and experienced from being a minority living in Lubbock.
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    Jim Bertram oral history interview 2019-05-22
    This interview features Jim Bertram as he discusses his career and projects with the city of Lubbock’s Park Planning and Development section. Jim elaborates on the city’s sign ordinance, and how the 1970 tornado worked as a catalyst for changing the city. Jim also describes in detail the Canyon Lake Parks project and the lake systems there.
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    Alan Henry oral history interview
    This interview features former Lubbock mayor Alan Henry, who discusses his upbringing, education, early career, and his experiences in municipal politics
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    Betsy Dempsey oral history interview
    Betsy Dempsey recalls an array of topics ranging from severe weather to World War II era Lubbock.
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    Lamar Jones oral history interview
    This interview features Lamar Jones, who discusses his upbringing, his experiences as a retailer and citizen in West Texas, and the effects of the Lubbock tornado.