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    Bobby Weaver oral history interview 2015-09-04
    This interview features Bobby Weaver. Weaver talks about moving to Odessa and later working in the oilfield before pursuing his degree at Texas Tech. Weaver also talks about obtaining his doctorate, different jobs he worked in museums and archives, and his writing projects.
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    Clyde May oral history interview 2017-11-16
    This interview features Clyde May as she discuss a woman named Shorty who was a prominent part of the Wilson community, and who influenced Clyde to be more involved with the community.
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    Clyde May oral history interview 2017-07-27
    This interview features Clyde May as she discuss her life after meeting her husband and the land around Tahoka Lake. May describes in depth about helping her husband with his profession, the archaeological digs around Tahoka Lake, and it’s designation as in State Historic Landmark.
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    Clyde May oral history interview 2017-07-20
    This interview features Clyde May as she discusses her life. Clyde describes her and her husband’s family history, and the museums with which she was involved.
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    Michael Casey and Honey Wilson Casey oral history interview 2018-05-25
    This interview features Michael Casey and Honey Wilson Casey as they discuss Newman Casey and his ventures in the restaurant business. In this interview, they describe all the restaurant’s they had, Old Abilene Town, and delve into Honey’s history.
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    Clara May Vick oral history interview 2013-10-15
    This interview features Clara Vick, native of Dumont, Texas, and historical ambassador of Castro County. Clara discusses her family history in this region, including her family’s interactions with Quanah Parker. Clara talks in depth on her efforts to preserve the history of the area through the restoration of the Italian POW camp chapel in Castro County, along with her role in facilitating POW reunions.
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    Arthur Vaughan oral history interview 2019-06-03
    This interview features Arthur Vaughan as he discusses how he got involved with the Spallholz family and the book about the Spallholz cross country road trip. In this interview, Arthur describes where he grew up, and how he came across the slides of the Spallholz family. He then adds commentary about his goals for the book.
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    Rachel Tilley oral history interview 2016-08-16
    This interview feature Texas Tech music student, Rachel Tilley. Rachel talks about her tattoos, the meaning behind them, her views of what tattoos mean in society, and using tattoos to express meaning for difficult events in life.
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    Luis Tijerina oral history interview 2014-07-11
    This interview features Luis Tijerina. Tijerina, who is a Native American chief from Odessa, Texas. Tijerina discusses his spiritual journey and vision quest. Tijerina also speaks more broadly about Native American culture and its place it today’s world.
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    Jan Smith Taylor oral history interview 2014-03-12
    This interview features Jan Smith Taylor, who discusses her experiences as the daughter of former Texas governor Preston Smith.
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    L.T. Starkey oral history interview 2012-11-28
    This interview features L.T. Starkey, who discusses his early life and experiences as a lawman in Crosby County.
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    Julian Spallholz oral history interview 2019-06-03
    This interview features Julian Spallholz as he discusses the cross country trip that his grandparents and their kids took by car in the early twentieth century. In this interview, Julian describes photographs and details of the trip that he remembers his dad telling him about.
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    John and Patsy Smith oral history interview 2018-07-16
    This interview features John and Patsy Smith as they discuss the Ropesville project and the town of Ropes. In this interview, John and Patsy describe what Ropes was like when they were growing up.
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    Marvin Schulte oral history interview 2009-06-02
    This interview features Marvin Schulte as he discusses his love of rodeo. In this interview, Schulte describes how he got interested in rodeo and the rodeo that he and his wife put on in Nazareth, Texas.
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    Guy Scarborough oral history interview 2010-03-17
    This interview features Guy Scarborough as he discusses his life moving around Petersburg and Colorado. In this interview, Guy describes his family, things that he experienced, and all the different endeavors he perused.
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    Cranston Reid oral history interview 2015-10-08
    This interview features Cranston Reid. Reid discusses his background in electrical engineering, his work as a professional photographer, his training as a pilot, and his work in storm chasing.
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    Sabette Pitcaithley oral history interview 2018-06-26
    This interview features Sabette Pitcaithley as she discusses her family life and background. In this interview, Pitcaithley details how she met her husband, her education, and the strong women who influenced her life.
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    Dwight Pitcaithley oral history interview 2018-06-26
    This interview features Dwight Pitcaithley as he discusses his interest in history and how it lead him to a career with the National Park Services. In this interview, Dwight describes working at Carlsbad Caverns, his education, and the road that lead him to be a historian with NPS.
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    Richard Pearce oral history interview 2017-08-12
    This interview features Richard Pearce as he discusses the film industry and his take on his career. In this interview, Richard describes how he got started in the film industry, and the movie he directed in Plainview, Texas called Leap of Faith.
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    James Oswald oral history interview 2019-07-19
    This interview features James Oswald as he discusses his life and accomplishments. In this interview, Oswald describes how he got his education and how that lead to him going to multiple places all over the world.
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