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Floor plan of the first floor and the attic of the Texas Tech Dairy Barn, dated December 1967.
The Texas Tech Dairy Barn and Silo were constructed in 1926-1927 and served as a teaching facility for forty years. The barn was designed by Fort Worth architect W. C. Hedrick with the help of agricultural dean A. H. Leidigh and Professor W. L. Stangel. Students brought their own cows to campus until 1935, and milk products were first marketed through the Student Dairy Association. After 1927, the Dairy Manufactures Department, established by K. M. Renner, furnished milk and ice cream to the Lubbock community and college cafeterias. The barn was abandoned in 1964 when dairy operations were moved to another location.
In 1990-1992, a successful student fundraising effort insured the preservation of the dairy barn as a symbol of Texas Tech's agricultural heritage. Following a brain storming session in the fall of 2001, sponsored by Facilities Planning and Construction was organized to discuss adaptive re-use ideas for the structure. The Dairy Barn received a National Register of Historic Places Marker in 1992 thanks to a concerted effort by the Texas Tech and local communities, making it the only campus building to receive a national historic marker. In 2015, the structure was awarded a Texas Historical Commission Marker through application by the Lubbock County Historical Commission to the Texas Historical Commission. The Dairy Barn underwent renovation for reuse beginning in 2019.




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