The Catalyst Vol. 1 No. 10




La Fong, Carl
Olds, Greg

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Digitized by the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library.



"The Catalyst" is comprised of 12 pages of student written articles, editorials, satires and political statements. This issue covered topics such an update of The Catalyst lawsuit; Madalyn Murray O'Hair's visit to Lubbock; the political scene in Lubbock; KTXT's refusal to air a controversial NET documentary; criticism of organized religion; Texas Observer's Greg Old's editorial on Ralph Yarborough; appeal of the five convicted members of the Chicago Seven; criticism of Lubbock's Committee '70; the Lubbock chapter of the ACLU's winning a temporary injunction to allow five Tahoka students the right to wear arm bands; refusal to serve in the Vietnam war; drug enforcement; criticism of Coach Jim Carlen; lawsuit on the legality of the Vietnam war; a protest at Colorado State University over Brigham Young University's racist policy; the Women's Liberation Movement; hunger in the US; and an interview with Bobby Seale done from a San Francisco jail. Four pages are dedicated to the Southwest '70 Peace Festival and musicians. The issue is dated March 18-28, 1970, and sold for 25 cents.



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