Minutes of the Board of Regents Meeting, December 9 - 10, 1999.




Texas Tech University.


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The PDF for the 8/12 - 8/13/99 meeting is 222 pages long and covers topics such as: renaming the Ranching Heritage Center as the National Ranching Heritage Center; degree name changes in the Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Literature; establishment of the High Performance Computing Center; establishment of the Center for Child and Adolescent Development and Resiliency; and numerous building project updates such as construction of the Tennis Center north of the proposed East/West freeway.
The PDF for the 12/9 - 12/10/99 meeting is 277 pages long and covers topics such as: approval for official faculty leaves of absences; board policy amendments; approval for a doctoral degree in higher education research in the College of Education; approval for master's degrees in vocational rehabilitation and athletic training; authorization to build and operate an outpatient Geriatric Assessment Center; and numerous building project updates such as renaming the inner Holden Hall Courtyard, renaming the University Theatre to the Charles E. Maedgen, Jr. Theatre, and renovation of the Department of Art building.




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