[Aerial view of Col-Tex Refinery #1]




Goss, Tom Jay.


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Aerial view of refinery. Three large storage tanks are visible in the center of the image. PBPM 79-039.034.01 Inscription (on back): First unit of the Col-Tex Refinery was dismantled in Kansas, moved to, and reassembled at, Colorado, later Colorado City, and became operative during 1925-1926. This refinery, built by Anderson & Prichard of Oklahoma City, was actually financed by The California Company (Standard of California), which wound up with the majority of the capital stock. By 1969 this refinery had been enlarged to a capacity of 20,000 bbls of Westbrook and East Howard crude; however, when the East Howard Field became prolific, the old Col-Tex plant, by this time obsolete, was shut down in 1969 and its newer equipment and most of its personnel were removed to the Cosden Refinery (Fina) at Big Spring, Howard County, Texas, and, as of October 31, 1979 was fully operative handling about 50,000 bbls. of Howard and Mitchell County oil per day. See aerial photo taken by Tom Jay Goss of Colorado City, Texas on October 31, 1979 disclosing what was then left of the old Col-Tex Refinery, the site and remainder of the old equipment is now owned by the Colorado City, Texas Industrial Team, Inc. October 31, 1979 Lee Jones, Jr.




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