[Engine and belt houses with pumping unit]



Black, George.


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Undated image of wooden engine house and belt house with pumping unit. PBPM 79-039.015 Inscription (on back): Engine house, belt house, pitman arm, samson post and walking beam of a typical old (1920's) wooden derrick and standard cable tool rig after conversion to a "pump jack" or pumping unit. Note: a portion of the "calf wheel" may be seen through opening in the belt house. The calf wheel was the spool or reel on which the bailer line was wound; the bull wheels or spool or reel on which the wire line drilling cable was wound had been taken away. Lee Jones, Jr. October 31, 1979 (enclosed note:) Pump jack or pumping unit made up of parts of an old (1920's) standard cable-tool rig and derrick. A novel idea and a tribute to the ingenuity of the early "poor boy" independent oil operator or producer. "Necessity is the mother of invention" - they had to do with what they had. October 31, 1979 Lee Jones, Jr.




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