Maxims by the yard : some in meter



1 roll ; 2 x 458 cm, on cardboard spool 14 cm in diameter, in box 15 x 15 x 3 cm Spools of knowledge series. Artist's statement: "This volume of 36 original maxims mimics a spool of ribbon from a sewing shop. The maxims, one for every inch in a yard, are [commercially] woven, not printed, on a computerized loom. The letters are red on a white ground, with reverse tones on the verso . . . The maxims here are heartfelt opinions, autobiographical musings and human observations. Some are intended purely to amuse, but all spring from truth. A number of the maxims are composed in rhyming couplets or metric verse, which is why 'meter' figures in the title. That is also why there are precisely one hundred copies in this edition; one for every centimeter in a meter." Number 37 of 100 copies in the edition. Call number: SPL N7433.4.L67 M39 2003


Maxims, Authors' autographs, Shaped books, Cloth tapes