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Undated image of four men at unidentified location. All wear three-piece suits and fedora style hats. One man (second from left) holds a cigar in his left hand and another man holds papers in his left hand. PBPM 79-039.029 Inscription (on back): From Left to Right: Jimmie Charlton Sam Sloan Jim Vaughn Steve Owens Picture from Dick Hickman early day collection Enclosed note: October 12, 1979 Note: This picture was taken during early 1920's. L-R: 1) Jimmy Charlton, Scout for The California Company [later Standard of Texas, currently Chevron] 2) Samuel A. Sloan [Hall of Famer] successful Permian Basin "wildcatter" - later partner of Steve (S.S.) Owen, d.b.a Owen & Sloan or Owen-Sloan Oil Company. 3) Jim Vaughan, of New York City, President of Underwriters Producing & Refining Company, which drilled and completed its Abrams Well No. 1 well near Westbrook, Mitchell County, Texas in July, 1920 as the FIRST paying producer of oil in the so-called Permian Basin. I witnessed the spudding, drilling, shooting (nitro), completion and placing on the pump of this discovery well which, as of October 12, 1979, was still producing oil as an out-put well in the SE Westbrook water-flood secondary recovery operation by Petrofina (unit well No. 701). 4) S. S. Owen (better known as Steven Owen), drilling and production superindentant of and for the Underwriters Producing & Refining Company (of New York City) who, at the request of L. W. Sanducky, a prominent Colorado City, Texas lawyer, came out the block of oil and gas leases theretofore assembled near Westbrook, Mitchell County, Texas by Sandusky. Owen approved the block and proposed location and the Abrams well was spudded in 1919. Owen later formed a partnership with Samuel A. Sloan, d.b.a. Owen & Sloan and Owen-Sloan Oil Company. October 12, 1979 Lee Jones, Jr.




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