Recent Submissions

  • Pete and Amy Terrazas oral history interview 2015-10-15 

    Wilkinson, Andy; Terrazas, Pete; Terrazas, Amy (2015-10-15)
    This interview features Pete and Amy Terrazas of Fort Stockton, Texas. Pete talks about his involvement in local politics and his experience as a businessman in Fort Stockton. Amy discusses coming to the United States with ...
  • Daniel G. Rascon and Ernestina R. Sanchez oral history interview 2019-05-11 

    Sanchez, Daniel; Rascon, Daniel; Sanchez, Ernestina Rascon (2019-05-11)
    This interview features Daniel Rascon and Ernestina Rascon Sanchez as they discuss their local community and church in Fort Stockton, Texas. In this interview the siblings provide background information about their family ...
  • Hub Parker oral history interview 2016-01-11 

    Wilkinson, Andy; Parker, Hub (2016-01-11)
    This interview features Hub Parker. Parker tells stories about growing up in West Texas and the different places he has seen, including time spent in Mexico, Germany, and Colorado. Parker also talks about writing poetry.
  • Houston McKenzie oral history interview 2016-01-12 

    Wilkinson, Andy; McKenzie, Houston (2016-01-12)
    This interview features Houston McKenzie of Fort Stockton, Texas. McKenzie discusses his family history, growing up in Tucumcari, New Mexico, and moving to the Fort Stockton area.
  • Delmon Hodges oral history interview 2016-01-11 

    Wilkinson, Andy; Hodges, Delmon (2016-01-11)
    This interview features Delmon Hodge of Fort Stockton, Texas. Hodges talks about his life in Fort Stockton and his work in the oil business. Hodges also discusses his community involvement.
  • Lee Harris oral history interview 2015-10-15 

    Wilkinson, Andy; Harris, Lee (2015-10-15)
    This oral history interview features Lee Harris of Fort Stockton, Texas. Harris talks about running a service station, her two marriages, and her ranch. Harris also discusses her children, grandchildren, and retirement.
  • Ben Gallegos oral history interview 2019-05-11 

    Wilkinson, Andy; Gallegos, Ben (2019-05-11)
    This interview features Ben Gallegos and his son J.B. Gallegos as they discuss Ben’s life and background. In this interview, Ben describes living in Fort Stockton, enlisting, and working in his family’s tortilla factory.
  • Josephine Falcon oral history interview 

    Wilkinson, Andy; Falcon, Josephine (2016-01-12)
    This interview features Josephine Falcon. Falcon reflects upon her time growing up in Fort Stockton, including living on ranch as child and becoming a teacher in the Fort Stockton public schools. Falcon also discusses her ...