The Lubbock History Series interviews document general life histories and other topical stories that chronicle the history of Lubbock.

Recent Submissions

  • Alan Henry oral history interview 

    Sanchez, Daniel; Henry, Alan (2015-09-01)
    This interview features former Lubbock mayor Alan Henry, who discusses his upbringing, education, early career, and his experiences in municipal politics
  • Betsy Dempsey oral history interview 

    Marshall, David; Dempsey, Betsy (2017-10-09)
    Betsy Dempsey recalls an array of topics ranging from severe weather to World War II era Lubbock.
  • Lamar Jones oral history interview 

    Sanchez, Daniel; Jones, Lamar (2014-11-18)
    This interview features Lamar Jones, who discusses his upbringing, his experiences as a retailer and citizen in West Texas, and the effects of the Lubbock tornado.
  • Heenan Johnson oral history interview 

    Wilkinson, Andy; Johnson, Heenan (2014-06-19)
    This interview features Heenan Johnson, who discusses the Lubbock Tornado, his experiences as a member of the Disaster Committee that helped to rebuild Lubbock after the tornado, and his experiences as a soldier in World War II.
  • Suzanne Aker oral history interview 

    Sanchez, Daniel; Aker, Suzanne (2015-03-11)
    This interview features Suzanne Aker, who discusses her early life and experiences as a dance instructor, educator, and member of the arts community in Lubbock.
  • Paul Bush oral history interview 2014-06-05 

    Marshall, David; Bush, Paul (2014-06-05)
    This interview, a follow-up to the May 12, 2014 interview, features Paul Bush discussing working at Lubbock Electric for the past seventy years. Bush also describes his love of vintage cars and the various social ...
  • Paul Bush oral history interview 2014-05-12 

    Marshall, David; Bush, Paul (2014-05-12)
    This interview features Paul Bush and his daughter Barbara Bush discussing growing up in Clovis, New Mexico and Lubbock, Texas.
  • William Earl Hewett oral history interview. 

    Hewett, William Earl (2012-11-16)