Recent Submissions

  • Ted Hartman oral history interview 

    Marshall, David; Hartman, Ted (2017-12-06)
    Ted Hartman discusses World War II, freeing the Mauthausen concentration camp, and his involvement with the Texas Tech University Medical School.
  • Orville Fleming oral history interview 

    Marshall, David; Fleming, Orville (2017-02-22)
    This interview features World War II Veteran Orville Fleming. Fleming discusses his participation in World War II and the Korean war.
  • Kent Elliott oral history interview 

    Marshall, David; Elliott, Kent (2017-03-06)
    This interview features Kent Elliot and Karen Elliott Nichols as they discuss their father and his involvement in World War II.
  • John Cumbie oral history interview 

    Marshall, David; Cumbie, John (2017-02-23)
    This interview features John Cumbie, a World War II Army Air Corps Veteran. In this interview John talks about growing up in Dickens, leaving to join the service, his active duty in the Pacific Theater, and going to school ...
  • Phil Crenshaw oral history interview 

    Marshall, David; Crenshaw, Phil (2015-07-16)
    This interview features Phil Crenshaw who discusses his upbringing, his experiences as a World War II veteran, and his participation in the Honor Flight program.
  • Larry Busby oral history interview 

    Wilkinson, Andy; Busby, Larry (2018-11-02)
    This interview features Larry Busby as he recounts how he got started in the police force, and how he ended up as sheriff. He also discusses the storytelling festival held in George West, Texas.
  • Don Jones oral history interview 2015-06-10 

    Marshall, David; Jones, Don (2015-06-10)
    This interview features Don Jones, who discusses his education, his time serving aboard a submarine during World War II, and his experiences as an educator.
  • Fiske Hanley oral history interview 

    Wilkinson, Andy; Hanley, Fiske (2015-04-24)
    This interview features Fiske Hanley. Hanley recounts his experience as a POW in Japan and his interactions with the Kempeitai. Hanley also discusses his career in mechanical engineering and his writing career.
  • Kenneth Grissom oral history interview 

    Marshall, David; Grissom, Kenneth (2014-11-12)
    This interview features Kenneth Grissom, who discusses his early life, experiences as a bomber pilot in World War II, and his postwar career as a teacher.
  • Arlee Gowen oral history interview 

    Marshall, David; Gowen, Arlee (2014-08-15)
    This interview features Arlee Gowen, who discusses his early life in Lamesa, his experiences as a Navy seaman in the Pacific theater during World War II, his life as a journalist, and his interest in genealogy.
  • Jim Goggin oral history interview 2014-11-04 

    Marshall, David; Goggin, Jim (2014-11-04)
    This interview features Jim Goggin, who discusses World War II, postwar Europe, his involvement with the CIA, and postwar guilt.
  • Wilma Coon oral history interview 

    Marshall, Davd; Coon, Wilima (2015-02-16)
    This interview features Wilma Coon, who discusses her early life and experiences as a nurse, veteran, and dog trainer.
  • Elton Riggs oral history interview 

    Riggs, Elton (2015-01-26)
    Elton Riggs speaks of his life.