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    • Charles Taylor oral history interview 

      Morton, Cosby; Taylor, Charles (2013-05-02)
      This interview features Charles Taylor, who discusses his upbringing, family life, education, the African-American community, and his thirty-three years as teacher and principal in the public school system.
    • James T. Braxton oral history interview 

      Morton, Cosby; Braxton, James. T (2013-06-27)
      This interview features James T. Braxton, a former band and orchestra director for the Lubbock schools. Braxton discusses working in East Lubbock in the Manhattan Heights area schools and other schools in the Lubbock ...
    • James Otis Price oral history interview 

      Morton, Cosby; Price, James Otis (2013-07-17)
      This interview features Lubbock band director James Otis Price. Price discusses his experiences growing up in East Lubbock, attending Texas Tech, and teaching music in Lubbock. Price also talks about the various professional ...
    • Lawrence Guyton oral history interview 

      Morton, Cosby; Guyton, Lawrence (2013-07-24)
      This interview features Lawrence Guyton who discusses growing in East Lubbock. Guyton recalls segregation and crime in Lubbock in the 1940s, his struggles to graduate from high school, as well as how people in his ...
    • Thomas J. Patterson Sr. oral history interview 

      Morton, Cosby; Patterson, Thomas J. (2013-07-25)
      This interview features T. J. Patterson, who discusses his early life and upbringing, his experiences as an educator, Lubbock councilman, newspaper editor, and leader for the African- American community.
    • Ralph Leggett oral history interview 

      Morton, Cosby; Leggett, Ralph (2013-10-29)
      This interview features Lubbock barber, Ralph Leggett. Leggett discusses his career as a barber in East Lubbock. Leggett talks about the neighborhoods and the various businesses in East Lubbock and how urban renewal has ...
    • Quincy White oral history interview 

      Sanchez, Daniel; White, Quincy (2013-10-29)
      This interview features Quincy White, Assistant City Manager for the City of Lubbock, in the second part of an interview discussing early childhood development, Little League Baseball, and library development in Lubbock, Texas.
    • Estella "Stella" Courtney oral history interview 

      Morton, Cosby; Courtney, Estella "Stella" (2014-02-27)
      This interview features Stella Courtney recalling her experiences growing up in the Chatman Hill Community of Lubbock and being in the first integrated class at Texas Tech University. Courtney also discusses her career ...