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    • A.W. Lott oral history interview. 

      Marshall, David, 1959-; Lott, A. W., 1915- (2007-06-29)
      Oral history interview with A.W. Lott conducted by David Marshall on June 29, 2007. A.W. Lott talks about his experiences handling the Lorenzo Textile Mill. He sheds light on his childhood memories. Accompanied by 1 abstract.
    • Addison Reed oral history interview. 

      Reed, Addison (Addison Devon), interviewee.; White, Scott, interviewer. (2009-07-01)
      Addison Reed, the 2009 National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association Stopper of the year, discusses his baseball career, in particular his years as a San Diego State University Aztec.
    • Agnes Barnes Rinker oral history interview. 

      Marshall, David, 1959-; Rinker, Agnes Barnes, 1905- (2005-06-14)
      Agnes Barnes Rinker talks about her early life in Oklahoma and Pleasant Valley, Tex., living on a farm. Also she shared her husband's cooking skills and their career in their restaurant. Lastly she speaks about her years ...
    • Al Ramirez oral history interview. 

      Ramirez, Al (Alfonso R.), 1923- interviewee.; Iber, Jorge, 1961- interviewer. (2002-01-18)
      Al Ramirez was the first Hispanic to be elected Mayor of Edinburg, Tex. He was also an educator and insurance salesman. He was active in politics in South Texas and was very influential in political, social and community life.
    • Alan Bannister oral history interview. 

      Crawford, Henry, 1959-; Bannister, Alan, 1951- (2010-07-01)
      Oral history interview with Alan Bannister conducted by Henry Crawford on July 1, 2010. Alan Bannister talks about his career as a baseball player, the teams that he played for, and positions he played on the field. This ...
    • Albert Komatsu oral history interview 2017-05-23 

      Marshall, David; Komatsu, Albert (2017-05-23)
      This interview features Albert Komatsu as he discusses his career in architecture. Albert describes the Japanese gardens in Fort Worth that he constructed, his enlistment in the Army, and his career after he finished college.
    • Alberto Gonzales oral history interview. 

      Gonzales, Alberto R., interviewee.; Sanchez, Daniel U., interviewer. (2009-10-05)
      Alberto Gonzales, former United States Attorney General reminisces on his life, growing up as a Mexican American and being in the Air Force. He discusses his academic and law careers, his years of service to George W. Bush ...
    • Alberto Herrera oral history interview. 

      Herrera, Alberto, 1937- interviewee.; Vela, Faustino, interviewer. (2002-11-07)
      Oral history interview with Alberto Herrera conducted by Faustino Vela on Nov. 7, 2002. Alberto Herrera talks about his experiences at Georgetown, Tex., and discusses his life and discriminatory incidents he faced. Accompanied ...
    • Allen Chapman oral history interview. 

      Chapman, Allen, 1925- interviewee.; Sanchez, Daniel U., interviewer. (2001-06-13)
      Allen Chapman was the former NCAA and Southwest Conference president. He reflects on his past involvement in sports and on his experiences with the Southwest Conference.
    • Allen T. McInnes oral history interview. 

      McInnes, Allen T., 1937- interviewee.; Wilkinson, Andy, interviewer. (2011-01-12)
      Allen McInnes talks about his life and career in business. He shares his experience of working in a variety of businesses while he was at Tenneco, Inc. Then he talks about his job as Dean of the Rawls Business School at ...
    • Alvin Davis oral history interview 

      Sanchez, Daniel; Davis, Alvin (2016-12-14)
      This oral history interview features Alvin Davis. Davis discusses growing up in Graham, meeting his wife, and his involvement in rodeo while attending Texas Tech University. Davis talks about owning a store in Post; he ...
    • America Ramos oral history interview. 

      Ramos, America, 1941- interviewee.; Sanchez, Daniel U., interviewer. (2011-01-25)
      America Ramos was involved in the Lubbock Beauty Pageant Fiesta. She speaks about her life, rearing children, her dream about working as a hairdresser, her experience as a beauty pageant consultant and mentoring kids to ...
    • Anita Harrison oral history interview. 

      Harrison, Anita, 1944- interviewee.; Sanchez, Daniel U., interviewer. (2009-12-08)
      Anita Harrison discusses her life, education, her time at Texas Tech University, and her experiences as being part of the Hispanic community in Lubbock, Tex.
    • Arlin Ryals and Ann Hickson oral history interview 

      Marshall, David; Hickson, Ann; Ryals, Arlin (2018-05-24)
      This interview features Arlin Ryals and Ann Hickson as they discuss the area around Ropesville, Texas. In this interview, Arlin and Ann describe their family, living in Ropesville, the Ropesville projects, and the agriculture ...
    • Armando Gonzales oral history interview. 

      Gonzales, Armando, 1952- interviewee.; Sanchez, Daniel U., interviewer. (2005-07-26)
      Armando Gonzales worked as a disc jockey for the first Spanish AM radio station (KLFB) in Lubbock, Tex., and later for the first Spanish FM radio station (KWGO).
    • Armando Rodriguez oral history interview. 

      Rodriguez, Armando Lopez, 1955- interviewee.; Sanchez, Daniel U., interviewer. (2005-05-13)
      Armando Rodriguez, a long-time Lubbock resident, currently employed at Texas Tech University's KTXT Channel 5 Public Broadcasting Station, reminisces about his life.
    • B.A. Hyatt oral history interview 

      Hyatt, B. A. (2014-04-02)
    • B.J. Surhoff oral history interview. 

      Crawford, Henry, 1959-; Surhoff, B. J. (William James) (2010-07-01)
      William Surhoff talks about his baseball career. He also shares some of his experiences playing in Minor and Major League tournaments. This interview was conducted during the College Baseball Foundations Hall of Fame (HOF) ...
    • Barbara Davis oral history interview 2014-11-13 

      Marshall, David; Davis, Barbara (2014-11-13)
      This interview features Barbara Davis, who discusses her ancestry, upbringing, married life, and the culture of the West.
    • Barbara Gail House oral history interview. 

      House, Barbara Gail, 1936- interviewee.; D'Arcy, Tracy, interviewer. (2002-11-21)
      Oral history interview with Barbara Gail House conducted by Tracy D'Arcy on Nov. 21, 2002. Barbara Gail House talks about her involvement in the Lubbock Women's Club and North Overton. NOTE: This interview is part of the ...