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    • Walt Driscoll oral history interview 2002-04-04 

      Dutton, Leslie; Driscoll, Walt (2002-04-04)
      This interview features Walt Driscoll as he discusses his career in music. In this interview, Driscoll describes how he got into music and provides some context into Lubbock’s music scene. Driscoll also explains how he ...
    • Noel Lee Dickson oral history interview 2001-07-12 

      Dutton, Leslie; Dickson, Noel Lee (2001-07-12)
      This interview features Noel Lee Dickson as he discusses playing drums for various artists.
    • Robert Deahl oral history interview 2000-06-27 

      Dutton, Leslie; Deahl, Robert (2000-06-27)
      This interview features Robert Deahl as he discusses working in the music department at Texas Tech University. In this interview Deahl explains what he thinks makes Texas Tech a successful university and how the music ...
    • Robert Deahl oral history interview 2000-06-16 

      Dutton, Leslie; Deahl, Robert (2000-06-16)
      This interview features Robert Deahl as he discusses his career in the music industry. In this interview, Deahl explains his background in music and his journey to becoming a music instructor. Deahl describes enlisting in ...
    • Vicky Clark oral history interview 2000-09-14 

      Dutton, Leslie; Clark, Vicky (2000-09-14)
      This interview features Vicky Clark as she discusses her art and how she became an artist. In this interview Clark describes the inspiration for her artworks and she provides details into her creative process. Clark also ...
    • John Chinn oral history interview 2001-04-18 

      Dutton, Leslie; Chinn, John (2001-04-18)
      This interview features John Chinn as he talks about his artworks. In this interview, Chinn describes how he got interested in art and what his preferred medium is. Chinn provides further insight into his influences in ...
    • Janet Byble oral history interview 2000-08-03 

      Dutton, Leslie; Byble, Janet (2000-08-03)
      This interview features Janet Byble as she discusses her passion for art and why she became an artist. In this interview Byble describes how her art was inspired during her childhood years and her art lessons. She recalls ...
    • Ginger Bundock oral history interview 2001-08-15 

      Dutton, Leslie; Bundock, Ginger (2001-08-15)
      This interview features Ginger Bundock as she talks about creating beaded jewelry and fiber art. In this interview, Bundock describes how she got into beads and her creative ideas. She then moves on to explain her love for ...
    • Deborah Bigness oral history interview 2002-06-10 

      Dutton, Leslie; Bigness, Deborah (2002-06-10)
      This interview features Deborah Bigness as she discusses her background in theater and the arts in Lubbock, Texas. Bigness starts of the interview by describing when her family moved to Lubbock and being a Lubbock native. ...
    • Patrick Bennett oral history interview 2002-06-21 

      Dutton, Leslie; Bennett, Patrick (2002-06-21)
      This interview features Pat Bennett as he discusses his passion and hobby of writing. In this interview Bennett describes attending Texas Tech and becoming president of Sigma Tau Delta, and the paper he helped write while ...
    • Cary Banks oral history interview 2001-06-08 

      Dutton, Leslie; Banks, Cary (2001-06-08)
      This interview features Cary Banks as he discusses music in West Texas. In this interview, Banks provides his background on playing in the Maines Brothers band and getting employed at South Plains College. He also expresses ...
    • Jean Badger oral history interview 2001-02-15 

      Dutton, Leslie; Badger, Jean (2001-02-15)
      This interview features Jean Badger as she discusses her family heritage and artifacts that were found on her family’s land.
    • Toni Arnett oral history interview 2000-07-18 

      Dutton, Leslie; Arnett, Toni (2000-07-18)
      This interview features Toni Arnett as she discusses her love for art and her paintings. In this interview, Arnett describes the teachers she had who inspired and shaped her art, then moves on to how her children and her ...
    • Graydon Alberts oral history interview 2000-09-05 

      Dutton, Leslie; Alberts, Graydon (2000-09-05)
      This interview features Graydon (Grady) Alberts as he discusses his love for music and playing trumpet in the army band. In this interview, Alberts describes how he first got interested in music and how he fell in love ...
    • Future Akins oral history interview 2002-05-13 

      Dutton, Leslie; Akins, Future (2002-05-13)
      This interview features Future Akins as she discusses her background and her art. In this interview Akins describes how her background of moving around influenced her art and how other aspects of her life impacted her art. ...
    • Charles Adams oral history interview 2000-12-13 

      Dutton, Leslie; Adams, Charles (2000-12-13)
      This interview features Charles Adams as he discusses running his own art gallery.
    • Bobby Weaver oral history interview 2015-09-04 

      Marshall, David; Weaver, Bobby (2015-09-04)
      This interview features Bobby Weaver. Weaver talks about moving to Odessa and later working in the oilfield before pursuing his degree at Texas Tech. Weaver also talks about obtaining his doctorate, different jobs he worked ...
    • Clyde May oral history interview 2017-11-16 

      Marshall, David; May, Clyde (2017-11-16)
      This interview features Clyde May as she discuss a woman named Shorty who was a prominent part of the Wilson community, and who influenced Clyde to be more involved with the community.
    • Clyde May oral history interview 2017-07-27 

      Marshall, David; May, Clyde (2017-07-27)
      This interview features Clyde May as she discuss her life after meeting her husband and the land around Tahoka Lake. May describes in depth about helping her husband with his profession, the archaeological digs around ...
    • Clyde May oral history interview 2017-07-20 

      Marshall, David; May, Clyde (2017-07-20)
      This interview features Clyde May as she discusses her life. Clyde describes her and her husband’s family history, and the museums with which she was involved.