The Oral History Program is committed to the use of recorded interviews as an indispensable modern research tool. Oral histories are used in collaboration with more traditional manuscript resources to paint as accurate an historical picture as possible. Researchers are able to hear first-hand spontaneous accounts in the eyewitness’s own words, complete with inflections and colloquialisms. The Oral History collection at the Southwest Collection is one of the largest in Texas, with more than 6,000 interviews in its holdings.


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Abstracts of older oral histories in the Southwest Collection's holdings can be found on the Oral History Collection website.

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Collections in this community

Recent Submissions

  • Gretchen Scott oral history interview 

    Whitfield, Lynn; Scott, Gretchen (2016-07-09)
    This interview features Gretchen Scott. Scott talks about moving to West Texas and attending Texas Tech. She discusses her involvement with the community, particularly the library system, museums, and the Lubbock Heritage Society.
  • Marsha Sharp oral history interview 

    Sanchez, Daniel; Sharp, Marsha (2015-06-01)
    This interview features former Texas Tech women’s basketball coach, Marsha Sharp. Sharp discusses her early involvement in athletics and how this shaped her future career. She talks about her coaching at the high school ...
  • Bonnie McCathern oral history interview 

    Stroman, Elissa; McCathern, Bonnie (2015-09-23)
    This interview features Bonnie McCathern. Bonnie discusses her background and family, attending school, and moving to Hereford with her husband Gerald and being a farmer’s wife. Bonnie also discusses Gerald’s involvement ...
  • Dustin Six oral history transcript 

    Peoples, Curtis; Six, Dustin (2015-09-30)
    This interview features Dustin Six, co-owner of the Blue Light Live in Lubbock, Texas. Six talks about how he became involved with Blue Light as a bartender before becoming co-owner. Six also discusses the trajectory of ...
  • Ernest Pompeo and Tsenre Deveraux 

    Wilkinson, Andy; Pompeo, Ernest; Deveraux, Tsenere (2013-11-14)
    This interview features Ernest Pompeo and his daughter Tsenre Deveraux, who discuss their lives, upbringing, their experiences in the business world, and the career of their relative, the painter Anna Keener Wilton.
  • Bernice Lewis oral history interview 

    Wilkinson, Andy; Lewis, Bernice (2014-09-26)
    This interview features Bernice Lewis, who discusses her ancestry, culture, early life, upbringing, and her experiences as a performing artist and singer.
  • Don Presley oral history interview 

    Wilkinson, Andy; Presley, Don (2014-06-18)
    This interview features Don Presley recalling events revolving around the American Agriculture Movement and life on the farm during the War years.
  • James Otis Price oral history interview 

    Morton, Cosby; Price, James Otis (2013-07-17)
    This interview features Lubbock band director James Otis Price. Price discusses his experiences growing up in East Lubbock, attending Texas Tech, and teaching music in Lubbock. Price also talks about the various professional ...
  • Gerald "Corky" Oglesby oral history interview 

    Sanchez, Daniel; Oglesby, Gerald "Corky" (2016-02-01)
    This oral history interview features former Texas Tech University track and field coach Gerald “Corky” Oglesby. Oglesby talks about his career in basketball recruiting at Oklahoma Baptist and then at Texas Tech. Oglesby ...
  • Warren Hasse oral history interview 

    Gamble, Steven; Hasse, Warren (1976-07-13)
    This interview features Pampa sports journalist Warren Hasse. Hasse discusses sports in Pampa and in West Texas more broadly. Hasse talks about the West Texas-New Mexico Baseball League and its memorable players and ...
  • Lamar Jones oral history interview 

    Sanchez, Daniel; Jones, Lamar (2014-11-18)
    This interview features Lamar Jones, who discusses his upbringing, his experiences as a retailer and citizen in West Texas, and the effects of the Lubbock tornado.
  • Don Jones oral history interview 2015-06-10 

    Marshall, David; Jones, Don (2015-06-10)
    This interview features Don Jones, who discusses his education, his time serving aboard a submarine during World War II, and his experiences as an educator.
  • Don Jones oral history interview 2015-05-18 

    Marshall, David; Jones, Don (2015-05-18)
    This interview features Don Jones, who discusses his family, upbringing, youth, and his experiences of rural life and racial oppression in East Texas.
  • Heenan Johnson oral history interview 

    Wilkinson, Andy; Johnson, Heenan (2014-06-19)
    This interview features Heenan Johnson, who discusses the Lubbock Tornado, his experiences as a member of the Disaster Committee that helped to rebuild Lubbock after the tornado, and his experiences as a soldier in World War II.
  • Gail Barbara House oral history interview 

    Whitfield, Lynn; House, Gail Barbara (2015-08-11)
    This interview features Texas Tech home economics professor, Barbara Gail House. House discusses her time at Texas Tech in the home economics department, her involvement in various conferences on the topic of aging, and ...
  • Inez Russell Gomez oral history interview 

    Wilkinson, Andy; Gomez, Inez Russell (2016-03-15)
    This interview features Inez Russell Gomez, a Texas Tech graduate and editor at The Santa Fe New Mexican. Gomez discusses about growing up in Las Vegas, New Mexico before moving to Lubbock, her interest in writing and ...
  • Sylvia Holmes oral history interview 

    Wilkinson, Andy; Holmes, Sylvia (2014-06-12)
    This interview features Sylvia Holmes. Holmes discusses her career in radio broadcasting in various cities in West Texas.
  • Charles Hollis oral history interview 

    Peoples, Curtis; Hollis, Charles (2014-07-31)
    This interview features Charles Hollis regarding his experiences recording music in the Stillwater, Oklahoma and Austin, Texas music scenes.
  • Lahib Jaddo oral history interview 2015-08-25 

    Wilkinson, Andy; Jaddo, Lahib (2015-08-25)
    This interview features artist Lahib Jaddo. Jaddo focuses on her tattoos in this interview. As such, she discusses how she first became interested in tattoos, her incorporation of them into her artwork, and eventually ...
  • Conni Hancock oral history interview 

    Peoples, Curtis; Hancock, Conni (2015-09-17)
    This interview features musician Conni Hancock. Hancock discusses her early childhood in Lubbock, Texas and recalls memories of her parents playing at local music clubs. Hancock also recounts her experience growing up in ...

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