The Oral History Program is committed to the use of recorded interviews as an indispensable modern research tool. Oral histories are used in collaboration with more traditional manuscript resources to paint as accurate an historical picture as possible. Researchers are able to hear first-hand spontaneous accounts in the eyewitness’s own words, complete with inflections and colloquialisms. The Oral History collection at the Southwest Collection is one of the largest in Texas, with more than 6,000 interviews in its holdings.


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Texas Tech University
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Abstracts of older oral histories in the Southwest Collection's holdings can be found on the Oral History Collection website.

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Collections in this community

Recent Submissions

  • Steven Lindsey oral history interview 2018-02-01 

    Marshall, David; Lindsey, Steven (2018-02-01)
    This interview features Steven Lindsey as he discusses space flight. In this interview, Lindsey describes the intricacies of space flight in more detail. He illustrates what it is like to experience zero gravity for a long ...
  • Steven Lindsey oral history interview 2018-01-31 

    Marshall, David; Lindsey, Steven (2018-01-31)
    This interview features Steven Lindsey, an American astronaut. Lindsey recounts his experiences at NASA and in space. Lindsey also describes how his interest in becoming a pilot developed and his training.
  • Karl Komatsu 2017-05-22 

    Marshall, David; Komatsu, Karl (2017-05-22)
    This interview features Karl Komatsu as he discusses his architectural career in Forth Worth, Texas. Karl describes some of the projects that he has worked throughout his career.
  • Karl Komatsu 2017-04-25 

    Marshall, David; Komatsu, Karl (2017-04-25)
    This is and interview featuring Karl Komatsu, an architect based in Fort Worth, Texas. In this interview, Karl divulges information about his father Albert Komatsu, such as his internment during World War II and his ...
  • Albert Komatsu oral history interview 2017-05-23 

    Marshall, David; Komatsu, Albert (2017-05-23)
    This interview features Albert Komatsu as he discusses his career in architecture. Albert describes the Japanese gardens in Fort Worth that he constructed, his enlistment in the Army, and his career after he finished college.
  • Jim Irwin oral history interview 

    Wilkinson, Andy; Irwin, Jim (2017-03-30)
    This interview features Jim Irwin as he discuss his career, vineyard, and religion. Jim describes his journey through life and how his relationship with God eventually led to him owning and operating his own vineyard.
  • Larry M. Hovey oral history interview 

    Whitfield, Lynn; Hovey, Larry M. (2018-08-29)
    This interview features Larry Hovey as he discusses his history with the College of Education at Texas Tech University. Larry describes how the College of Education has changed since he started working there in the 1970s.
  • Noe Hernandez oral history interview 

    Sanchez, Daniel; Hernandez, Noe (2016-10-28)
    This interview features Noe Hernandez who describes how he got involved with music at an early age and how he entered the Lubbock music scene.
  • Alan Henry oral history interview 

    Sanchez, Daniel; Henry, Alan (2015-09-01)
    This interview features former Lubbock mayor Alan Henry, who discusses his upbringing, education, early career, and his experiences in municipal politics
  • Ted Hartman oral history interview 

    Marshall, David; Hartman, Ted (2017-12-06)
    Ted Hartman discusses World War II, freeing the Mauthausen concentration camp, and his involvement with the Texas Tech University Medical School.
  • Don Hardy oral history interview 

    Sanchez, Daniel; Hardy, Don (2017-09-28)
    This interview features Don Hardy as he discusses building cars for racing. Don explains how he got started racing and car building. He also describes some of the cars he has.
  • Nathan and Angie Halie oral history interview 

    Wilkinson, Andy; Halie, Angie; Halie, Nathan (2018-11-02)
    This interview features Angie and Nathan Halie as they discuss Storyfest in George West, Texas. Angie and Nathan describe why they started going to Storyfest and their involvement with the festival.
  • Duane Hale oral history interview 

    Stroman, Elissa; Hale, Duane (2017-06-26)
    This oral history interview features Dr. Duane Hale. Hale discusses his Big Country Oral History Archive, a student project that began in 1995 and continues into 2017. Hale explains his pedagogical approach to the project ...
  • Stanley Gwyn oral history interview 

    Sanchez, Daniel; Gwyn, Stanley (2017-10-12)
    Stanley Gwyn discusses his involvement with drag racing in Amarillo. Stanley describes how he got started in drag racing, his job at the Amarillo track, and the drag racers that he encountered throughout his time at the strip.
  • Joe Golden oral history interview 

    Wilkinson, Andy; Golden, Joe (2018-07-23)
    Joe Golden discusses his interest and research in the field of meteorology. Joe describes his work with waterspouts in the Florida Keys and his work on the tornado intercept project.
  • Janeen Holmes Gilliam 

    Wilkinson, Andy; Gilliam, Janeen Holmes (2014-02-07)
    This interview features Janeen Holmes-Gilliam. Gilliam discusses her time forming the Lubbock Symphony Youth Orchestra and her time working with the School of Music at Texas Tech University.
  • Randall Gentry oral history interview 

    Stroman, Elissa; Butler, Jordan; Gentry, Randall (2018-05-18)
    In this interview, Randall Gentry provides a life history growing up as a cisgender gay man in conservative Texarkana, Texas. He addresses his schooling, coming out to his parents, education at Texas Tech University, life ...
  • John Freeman oral history interview 

    Marshall, David; Freeman, John (2017-02-21)
    This interview features John Freeman. Freeman talks about growing up in West Texas near Ralls. Freeman also discusses his time in the military.
  • Royce Franklin oral history interview 

    Wilkinson, Andy; Franklin, Royce (2013-03-07)
    This interview features Royce Franklin. Franklin discusses guitar and fiddle music and the various musicians he has worked with during his time in music. Franklin also talks about fiddle contests and his involvement with ...
  • Orville Fleming oral history interview 

    Marshall, David; Fleming, Orville (2017-02-22)
    This interview features World War II Veteran Orville Fleming. Fleming discusses his participation in World War II and the Korean war.

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